Collect feedback from your users

Responsly makes it easy to receive feedback from your users, right from your website. Unlock valuable insights to build features and products that your users truly want.

Integrate with over 1000+ platforms

Our embed code can easily be copied and pasted to any website.


Emoji buttons makes it easy and engaging for users to give and receive feedback.


Analyze user feedback, to see which features or products are more successful with your audience.


We provide you with real-time data to help you improve your features and products.

Start in under 60 seconds

Our advanced campaign editor makes it easy to create, brand, and customize your campaign in under 60 seconds.

Keep track of responses

Easily view, delete, or export responses from your feedback campaigns using our user-friendly dashboard and campaign manager.

What our users say

Clair A

Responsly helped us find Product Market fit faster than we could have imagined.

Steph Q

Thanks to the hundreds of received user feedback via the Responsly widget, we were able to A/B test our new features before rolling out.

Roberto F

I am so pleased with Responsly. Wow what great service, I love it! I am completely blown away with their support! Awesome!


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